Real time commentary on live events 

Independent experts, former players, celebrities, bloggers, and die-hard fans are doing alternative commentary during sports broadcasts.

Who is talking on SecondMic during live sports broadcasts 

BBall Breakdown
Most popular YouTube channel dedicated to basketball fundamentals with more than 140,000 subscribers.  
Chasity Melvin
WNBA veteran that played the game, loves the game, and knows the game. High paced live commentary with bold insights into the game.
The Green Room
One of the best comedians from the LA scene, Sean Green brings guests to do hilarious and brazenly honest live sports commentary. 
Dave Holcomb
Sports reporter at the Star Ledger, and host at Football Nation. Dave brings broadcasting to a new level with his deep knowledge and smart stats . 
Got Nexxt
Largest basketball podcast in Germany. Bringing their live views to German fans using SecondMic. 
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Join the conversation when it really matters: when the game is on. Talk to your fans and followers while they watch a game on TV or at the stadium. Our technology ensures your voice is always in sync with the game they are watching. 

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If you are a broadcaster, this is all you have to do: pick a game, create your own broadcasting channel and talk. No external equipment needed. No fees. Simple as that.

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